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A FreeAgent Integration Partner platform for at-a-glance dashboards with up-to-the-minute financial data for all your clients from as little as £2 per client p/m

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Proactive insights on your clients' data sets your services apart

Keep the personal touch at scale. Brand the dashboard, harness integrated Loom video for your commentary and offer your FreeAgent clients insights based on their latest financial data, making your team indispensable and your clients impressed.


Simple subscription pricing from £2 p/m per license

Subscribe in client bundles, with simple monthly pricing from as low as £2 per license. If you have more than 100 clients, get in touch for a custom plan

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Dividend Man

At a glance data from the Vaulta dashboard includes:


Dividends available


Salary available


Expenses available

Credit Card

Available funds


Directors loan balance


Bank balance


Estimated Corporation Tax

Pay Per Click

NI/PAYE to date


Estimated VAT due

Key Features

Import your clients from FreeAgent

Simply connect Vaulta with your FreeAgent account and all of your customers are automatically set up for you.

Assign account managers

Vaulta automatically assigns your account managers and you can edit and add to them at any time.

Assign a dashboard

Choose the most useful Vaulta dashboard for your client in a click of a button.

Video integration

Connect Vaulta with your Loom account to bring your reporting alive.

Vaulta PDF reports

Automatically generate PDF reports and control when your client sees their data.

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Trusted by enterprise accountancy firms

A FreeAgent Integration Partner, the unique Vaulta platform enables you to access up-to-the-minute financial information for all your FreeAgent clients, automatically creating dashboards and sending financial snapshots to their inboxes under your control from as little as £2 per client p/m.

What our customers say

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Ryan North

"This software is a fantastic boost to my collection of services. My clients love it, and I can create reports in a fraction of the time it used to take."

Luke Desmond

Crisp Contractor

"Vaulta is so easy to set up, it's completely automated. It helps us add tremendous value to our clients."

Ryan North

Crisp Accountancy

"Vaulta has been an asset in terms of helping clients to understand their data, and makes my job a lot easier."

Rachel Pugh

Crisp Business Group

Start your free trial, save time and add instant value to your services. Get the edge over your competitors. Get Vaulta.

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