Up-to-the-minute insights. Automated.

Reduce client churn, save time, and quickly add value to your clients by showing them their available funds and tax liabilities at a specific point in time from as little as £2 per client p/m

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How it works

Vaulta is an advanced online platform that provides a state-of-the-art experience to you and your clients.

  • Automated client importing
  • Automated assignment of Account Managers
  • Automated creation of insights dashboard
  • Fully branded to your practice
  • Integrated Loom video commentary
  • Automated PDF reporting¬†
  • Absolute control over the client experience

Simple subscription pricing from £2 p/m per license

Subscribe in client bundles, with simple monthly pricing from as low as £2 per license. If you have more than 100 clients, get in touch for a custom plan

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Step 1

Start your free trial

However many clients you have, sign-up for a no-obligation five day free trial.
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Step 2

Integrate Vaulta with your FreeAgent account

Automatically pull through your Clients and Account Managers.
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Step 3

Start adding value right away

Apply your accountancy practice's branding, add your commentary and level-up your service.
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Start your free trial, save time and add instant value to your services. Get the edge over your competitors. Get Vaulta.